The ultimate guide to switching your energy supplier

When it comes to our utility bills, we tend to have a certain reservation when it comes to switching them. Perhaps we just like the comfort of knowing that if we stay with our current provider, we’ll be hassle-free, despite having a bit less money in our pocket. This can well be the case with many utility bills; however, gas and electricity certainly isn’t one of them. In fact, there’s not much in this world that is quite as simple. Switching your tariff is certainly the number one way to save money on your energy bills, but how do you actually switch? And what details do you need in order to do it? Follow this guide and you’ll have it all switched over in no time. [Read more…]

Creative Ways You Can Make Money from Your Property

According to the results of a new study, 3-bedroom home owners in the UK are now spending almost half of their annual income to pay off the mortgage and for household bills. The monthly running cost is £1,634, while the annual cost is a staggering £19,608 on average. The study also found that there are just two towns in the country where the average cost of running a home is lower than £650 every month. [Read more…]

What’s Better Than Saving Money?

It may very well be a couple or a few coins you can now use to buy yourself that little guilty-pleasure ice-cream you’ve been craving or it could indeed be a few hundred quid you find in your jeans pocket while emptying the pockets out to do your laundry, but either way, that feeling you get from saving a bit of money never gets old, so too the feeling you get when you find some unexpected money. [Read more…]

Different Types of Online Trading

Investors are always avid to the kind of investment portfolios they want to engage. Therefore, they make such critical financial decisions. Hence this requires one not only to be well-informed but also updated with the latest accurate information about trading options available in the market. [Read more…]

The UK pension pot: which regions are saving nothing?

According to research from True Potential Investor, a provider of personal pensions, a third of the UK contributed nothing to their pension pot during Q3 2016. East/East Anglia, South West and Wales were the worst offenders.

Meanwhile, 17% of people in Northern Ireland were able to contribute over £5,000 to their pension pots each month. How well is your region saving for their retirement plans? [Read more…]

Manage debt without any stress with these top tips

With many of life stressors, like a divorce or a death in the family, you can mentally recover given time. However, debt is dangerous in that the stress it produces can be ongoing. “Debt is just bad in general for our health: the amount we worry about it, but also the feeling we have that we can do nothing about it,” says Kelly McGonigal, a Stanford University health psychologist quoted by Reader’s Digest. So, how can you manage debt less stressfully? [Read more…]

How To Save Money On Healthcare

Healthcare products cover a vast range of items to meet our daily healthcare needs and include skin and hair care products, prescription medications and herbal preparations for all kinds of areas such as our digestive health and even our mental health. When it comes to prescription treatments, international statistics show that nearly three-quarters of the population take some form of prescription medication and many people pay for this privilege. In the UK, prescriptions are charged per item, so if you’re taking a combination of drugs, your monthly bill can soon add up! [Read more…]