3 Cheap Ways to Fix Up Your Garage

The garage is a staple, attached to many homes. You may store your lawnmower in there, your tools, your workout equipment and even old baby gear. The question is: can you store your car in there? In the U.S. and U.K. over half of homeowners have a garage, but less than a quarter are able to use them, due to storage and clutter.garage

What if you could cut down on the “black hole” of your garage and make it usable again? Imagine those mornings when you don’t have to tromp through the snow to get to your vehicle. No more bird poop windshields or iced over mirrors. Included here are a few tips for fixing up your garage, both for usability and aesthetic appeal, on a budget.


The average American home contains over 300,000 items. This jaw-dropping number encompasses everything from sofas and antiques to silverware and paper clips. In many cases, all of this “stuff” seems necessary initially, but as it begins spilling out of closets, into the garage, and into the 50,000+ self-storage facilities around the country, you may wonder why you need it.

The truth is, much of what people store is completely unnecessary. Getting rid of your stuff could actually make you feel more free, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Some studies show that individuals who “clean up shop” may actually be more willing to make more adventurous life choices and career changes.

If you really want to use your garage, you may need to look into better storage methods. Utilizing sturdy plastic totes that can be stacked along the side of the garage can help preserve family memorabilia and still allow vehicle space. Additionally, hanging more things up, rather than standing them on the floor, can give you the space you desperately need. Most storage options can be done yourself, saving you a lot of money and de-cluttering your life.

Reclaimed Materials

To freshen up the aesthetic appeal of your garage, it may be time to look into more invasive measures. One way you could fix up the garage is by utilizing reclaimed materials from home tear-downs or demolition. Consider freshening up your garage light covers, or even installing a new garage door. Work benches may be secured from a building supply company that specializes in overstock or unsold materials.


A final way to freshen up your garage appeal could be simply in planting it in. Many garages sit in patches of dead grass, looking unattractive and neglected. For a cheap landscaping fix up, consider buying packets of native wildflowers and spreading the seeds around the garage. They should grow well with little water and give your home a much more appealing look.