3 Tips for Home Furnishing on a Budget

Setting up your home can seem like an incredibly expensive endeavor when you are first starting out. You may be overwhelmed with the cost of furniture, wall hangings and rugs as well as all of the other amenities and decor. Understandably, if you are buying all of these things new and failing to shop the sales, you will be overpaying. However, if you take your time and use some common sense when shopping, you can furnish your home on a budget.


Shop Sales

Perhaps the first trick to home buying is taking your time and shopping the sales. Getting yourself too wrapped up in a specific piece can result in your overspending and inability to furnish the rest of the house. Instead of falling in love with a single furniture item, give yourself a general idea of options that will work. This way, when clearance or sale items come up for grabs, you will have a few different items that may work.

Take Your Time

Similar to shopping the sales, you are going to need to take your time when furnishing your home. While you may be wanting your home to be fully furnished immediately so you can feel settled, it can actually benefit you if you take your time setting things up. In many cases, homeowners find that getting a feel for their space before purchasing items can change their ideal perspective.

If you absolutely cannot live in an unfurnished home, take stock of which rooms leave you feeling the most incomplete. Is that unfinished dining room hampering family dinners? Or is a bedroom without wall hangings cold and uninviting? Recognize which room bothers you the most so you can prioritize furnishings for that space. It is all about compromising which things are “must-dos” and which can wait.

Talk to Friends and Family

A lesser utilized resource for home furnishing may just lie with your friends and family. If you know your grandmother is storing your favorite antique desk in the basement, it may be time to see about inheriting it and moving it into your home. Your relatives may have saved sentimental items for your future home, and you may be at a place of maturity where they feel comfortable relinquishing the piece to you.

Additionally, many of your friends may be looking into refreshing their own decor. They may have furniture and art that no longer suits their future look, and may be willing to sell to you at a discount. While this could be an insensitive topic to breach with some people, other individuals may be quite open about their intentions to redesign their home. Feel out the situation carefully, though, you don’t want your friends thinking you treat their home like an estate sale!