3 Tips for Making Your Family Camping Trip Affordable and Fun

With money being tight in almost every American family, it is understandable that vacations may need to be trimmed back a bit. Families are realizing that they can no longer drop a couple thousand dollars on a tropical vacation each year but they still desire a getaway for the family. One of the best budget-friendly options for family vacations is camping.


Camping has long been heralded as one of the healthiest, and most enjoyable, pastimes for adults and kids alike. The opportunity to unplug from technology and explore the woods or natural areas is great for encouraging children’s imagination and improving confidence. Included here are a few camping tips to make your adventures more affordable and fun.

A Family Tent

Before you head off on any outdoor excursions, you are going to need to make plans for sleeping. While some people invest in large trailers or campers, a simple family tent will be more affordable and better for the experience. Consider shopping for a top rated tent, and find one your children can help set up.

Many outdoor enthusiasts argue that the tent experience is far superior to any other sleeping options. When staying in a tent you have the opportunity to hear the noises of the woods at night, take off the rainfly and look at the stars as well as hang out as a family. Tents offer the opportunity for families to be close together while outside and feel truly removed from the modern, individualistic lifestyle. Don’t forget to carry a carabiner that could make your experience smooth, hassle-free and secure.

Pack Homemade Dinners

Perhaps one of the highest costs of camping can be in food. For many people, camping means a splurge from their ordinary diet and an indulgence in prepackaged, unhealthy foods that are easy to prepare. However, camping can be one of the most affordable food adventures you take if you prepare properly.

First of all, be sure to do all of your kitchen prep work before you leave so that your time spent camping will be well spent. Affordable meal options that can be cooked on the campfire include: baked potatoes, beans, sausage, roasted veggies, and corn on the cob. If you have a dutch oven to use, your meals could even be as fancy as chicken pot pie or beef stroganoff.

Be Low-Key

It can be easy to overpack when you are driving your car on a camping adventure. You think you have the entire vehicle to fill and you are concerned about keeping everyone busy the whole time. Fortunately, you can relax, knowing there will be more than enough activities at any campground for the kids. By being low-key about recreation, you can avoid investing in unnecessary camping gear or special games for the outdoors and instead utilize imaginations.