4 Signs You Should Pick Paper Bags with Twisted Paper Handles

One of the great things about bespoke paper bags is that you have so many options from which to choose. From printing to material type, there’s a lot to consider, but people often fail to think about what kind of handles they would prefer.


Once again, you’ll have plenty of available choices, and each one is going to come with its own list of advantages. Here are just four signs you might want to pick up paper bags with twisted paper handles for your business.

  1. You Need Added Comfort

Adding twisted paper handles to your bag allows for a little more comfort. It isn’t quite as luxurious as ribbon, but the twist keeps handles from digging into hands too deeply, and you’ll generally find that carrying around bags with twisted paper handles allows you to stay comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Your Bags Might Get Heavy

Before you choose the type of paper bags that you’re going to provide for your customers, it only makes sense to think about what kind of items those bags are going to be expected to hold. If it’s only going to be very light items, you can get away with having no handles at all. However, twisted paper handles are ideal if your bags are expected to hold something a little heavier.

  1. You Want Something Low-Cost

There isn’t really another type of handle that combines cost-effectiveness with strength and luxury quite as fully as twisted paper. Paper is obviously quite a cheap material to produce, so it’s perfect if you need to go for handled bags without upgrading your budget.

  1. You Want the Design to Stay Casual

Finally, paper bags with twisted paper handles maintain a casual air that many businesses find reflects their brand well. It can look a little odd to go with a more ostentatious handle type, but twisted paper handles remain cool across different brands and naturally won’t ever clash with the material of the bag itself.