5 Steps to Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Handling personal finances can often be much harder than it seems. An average family these days has  much more complicated financial portfolio than a family 30 years ago had. Almost everyone has loans and mortgages to worry about, as well as savings and some investing.

It’s possible to take control over these issues and to plan for your financial future regardless of how much you’re making. In order to do so, you need to have a clear idea of what your finances should accomplish and in what timeline.

Carve out the time for finance

The truth is that successful people devote their resources and take their time to plan out their financial goals and how to accomplish them. These tasks can be bundled together with other job-related choirs, but it’s most effective if you choose a day each month that will be dedicated to dealing with financial issues.

In order to make this more efficient, you should keep a notebook or a folder in which you’ll store all the notes and data related to your finances. This doesn’t have to be done in any order or under any categories. When your “financial planning day” comes, take out this notebook or folder and go through the items one by one.

You should take at least one hour each month to do this. However, this can expand as your financial needs grow.

Take the time to learn

You can spend your whole life learning about finances and you’ll still have something new to master. This is why many feel overwhelmed by the whole process and don’t even bother trying to educate themselves about the matter. Try to read at least one book a week about the subject. It can be boring to dedicate your personal reading time to a subject such as finance, but it’ll be worth it.

The key to learning about finances is to find the resources that are suited to your needs at the time. This means that you can’t start with complex academic textbooks, because you won’t understand them. There’s also no use to read something made for billionaire investors. Take the time to find the literature that’s suited to your current financial standing.

Loans and credit

The biggest financial burden and worry a household has is probably how to get and repay a loan. Loans are needed to purchase or expand a property, or to start and grow your own business. They also present a long-term obligation that many families dread. However, if you’re responsible with your money, a steady credit line is a great way to expand your family fortune.

The worst way to go about this is to have a lot of credit cards with an outstanding debt on them because this will make it difficult for you to take out a loan. Sometimes it’s better to use small personal loans available in Australia to cover up these small costs, and thus need to repay one bank only.

Automating payments for both loans and bills is also a small matter which can do a lot for your credit score because it’ll make you appear more organized and responsible.

Find out how much your time is worth

Those who work on multiple projects, and have both active and passive income, have a problem with finding out how much they should charge for a particular task and how much their time is worth. This creates problems that go beyond determining your own salary. It also makes it difficult for you to decide what is a worthwhile project to undertake.

The easiest way to find out how much an hour of your day is worth, is to track everything you do for a while. After you separate the time you’re not using productively from that you do, you’ll get an idea of how much you make per an hour of work.

Once you’ve found this out, you get to measure that income against the offer you get. For instance, it might be more lucrative to pay someone to do your emails, if that will help you make money actually doing some work instead of wasting time on boring tasks.

Hire professionals

Hiring professionals to help you run your own finances may seem like too much of an expense for an ordinary household. However, if the service they provide saves you more money than their services cost, it might be a smart decision to make.

For the most part, the services you want to outsource right away are related to taxes. A good tax attorney can save you a lot of money and allow you to focus your time on something more productive than dealing with a rather complicated tax code.

Taking control of your finances is a mixture of small steps, which you can manage right away, and long-term planning with a clear vision in mind. It’s something anyone can do, but something that takes time learning how to do.