8 Time-Saving Tips to Implement Into Your Business

Many business owners and entrepreneurs invest more time working in their businesses as opposed to working on their business. Working on the business involves doing things that impel innovation, growth, and profit. For these types of entrepreneurs, automation is the best solution for routine processes in order to shift their focus onto building their business and breaking into new ventures.


Today, there are numerous high-tech solutions to assist business automation. Customer support, marketing and paying employees can all be streamlined, and automated to some degree. Naturally, there are some pros and cons to all apps in the market, and some may not help save time. However, there are promising tools that can be used by business owners to ensure they save time and work on further business growth.

Here are some tips that will help a business owner save time.

Automation of payments

By automating your payments, you can save a significant portion of your time. Furthermore, you can enjoy convenience, increased transparency, security, and speed. Faster payments software provides the best methods in automation of payments for businesses. The payments that can be made using the software include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Business to business payments
  • Supplier payments
  • Employee expenses
  • Disaster recovery

Set goals

It’s important to make goals on a daily basis to foster business growth and enable proper time management. When you have set goals, you can delegate duties as a business owner to ensure they’re individually reached. As the business grows, you can set long-term goals for growth and expansion. For instance, you may establish clear objectives of how you will go about marketing your brand. Remember that there are several ways you can consider opting for, be it advertising your digital signage on audio-optional televisions (this service is believed to be provided by companies like Loop–you can learn more about them from here) or taking the help of influencer marketing. Since there are numerous ways of marketing, you need to compare each and find out which one could prove to be the most beneficial for you.

Rank tasks by importance and urgency

It’s necessary to prioritise your business tasks based on importance and urgency. If a member of staff asks for your help on a project, but you’re already focussed on completing something on time for a customer – prioritise the customer. In addition, consider the urgency of a certain business transaction and give it adequate attention before moving on to the next. Ranking your tasks accordingly will ensure you meet deadlines and aren’t rushed for time on important jobs.

Set deadlines and track your time

Ensure that you set deadlines for the completion of various tasks. Doing so will increase urgency and push you to get everything completed in good time. You should also monitor what you and your workforce are spending time on. This includes checking email, using social media and taking breaks. If too much time is being wasted, action needs to be taken. Implementing these techniques will help to improve business productivity across the entire team.

Complete one task at a time

Multitasking has been shown to be an essential tool in business today; however, it’s not always the best thing to do. Completion of one task at a time is essential, especially when they’re of high importance. If you know you’re in for a busy day, get to work an hour early and start them off straight away. Once one task is complete, you can be sure to give your full concentration to the next task without distractions; thereby allowing it to be completed faster and to a higher standard.

Ignore the unimportant

If an issue does not affect the mission and vision of your business, do not give it much thought or time. In addition, ensure that you get rid of non-essential items in the office, both physical and electrical. Clutter can lead to a loss of concentration which will only take up more of your valuable time.

Limit meetings

Meetings are critical to business growth. When there are daily briefings for your staff, they are aware of their goals for the business. However, you can limit these to once or twice a week. Meetings with business partners, suppliers, and others should be limited too. Where possible, conduct them over email as you should instead be focussing this time on your clients.

Enlist a virtual assistant

Outsource a virtual assistant to enable you to keep up with the daily tasks of your business. They can handle bookkeeping, email, business research, and scheduling. Consider this type of help to increase the time you need to focus on business growth.

Implementing these tips will be key to pushing your business closer to success. Effective time management will enable you to reach your goals, increase custom satisfaction and heighten the overall productivity in the office.