About Me

Hi, I’m Thomas Ardington, an Arsenal supporting Tottenham resident, and no, this blog is NOT about football, as you might have already guessed.

A Little about Me

The rather contemplative age of 29 has me thinking I should perhaps be a fully-fledged, young family man by now, but I am in a serious relationship which is about to get a lot more serious, and the only thing that would make me happier is really taking things to the next level, if you know what I mean. So, between my fiancé and the next door neighbour’s Jack Russell that follows me daily to my favourite early morning writing spot at a local coffee shop, I’m as much of a family man as a full time writer can be. My daily morning coffee conveniently comes at a discount, which I guess is extremely consistent with the contents and main theme of this blog.

More about This Blog

Well the fact that I am a Tottenham resident who’s a staunch Arsenal supporter should tell you two things,

Number one:

I’m a non-conformist

Number two:

I firmly believe in checking out all the available options before making a decision

Number two-and-a-half:

I am of the view that just because you spend more money on something, that doesn’t make it better than something else which is priced cheaper.

The latter is the inner-Arsenal fan in me speaking, whom I must add, has suffered long and hard through some very barren years of a dusty, empty trophy cabinet. I have more to say than the supporters of our North London derby rivals however, a team which I should probably be supporting by default, given my location, but their free-spending on overpriced players and their disproportionate results only serve to prove my view further. Cheaper can definitely be better and all you have to do is be able to look in the right places….Which is essentially what this blog is about; bargain hunting and saving money on day to day essentials.

Beyond Blogging?

Beyond the very rewarding world of being a full time writer and blogger, I’m that guy who’s basically up for just about any challenge. If it involves some sort of competition, count me in, whether it’s a Tuesday night game of Monopoly or an impromptu debate about anything involving a correct view and an “alternative” one…I’ll probably pick the alternative view and try to make you see reason, just for the fun of it!

My previous professional position was also in the publishing industry, but transitioning from Junior Editor for a lifestyle magazine into a full time writer has emancipated me in so many different ways. I can now write about what I like, particularly if I feel that it has some measure of relevance, in whatever small way. That’s why some of the content published on this blog may deviate from the penny-pinching norm (if there is such a thing), presenting you with some insightful, stimulating, and really helpful content that will just enhance the quality of your life through challenging the accepted norm and always asking if there is indeed a better way…I hope!

Please share your thoughts on anything you find intriguing or useful and I’ll continue doing my best to bring you all manner of tips and tricks to get a better deal.