The Advantages of a Laser Printer

For years the inkjet printer has held sway in offices and homes up and down the land, mainly because people are attracted to the lower initial cost of the machine itself. However, the on-going costs of the replacement cartridges is always a headache which is why more and more people are opting for laser printers, especially as the speed and image resolution offered is improving all the time. There are quite a few advantages to the impresora laser printer over the inkjet and here’s just a few.


No ink involved

Laser printers use toner instead, which is tiny particles of plastic, iron and (for colour-capable machines) pigments. These particles are melted onto paper by special heated rollers and the fact that there’s no ink means there’s no chance of the cartridge drying up during periods of inaction. There’s no need to spend a fortune on new toner cartridges just because you’ve been away for a week!

Laser is cheaper

The running costs of laser printers are far lower than with inkjet – inkjet printers are cheaper because the makers know they’ll recoup their profits in the long-run from on-going cartridge sales. Laser printing costs around one-tenth as much as inkjet.

It’s waterproof

Ink is great, but it can smear before it dries and it can also run when it gets wet. With laser printing, the toner is melted and sealed onto the paper so it’s waterproof and permanent. The sharpness of the images makes laser printing much better than inkjet for graphics and diagrams.

Laser print is better quality

You can see and feel the difference between laser and inkjet immediately. Laser tends to be used more for official documents as it shows quality and is more durable. Inkjet is far better for photos, though, so if you do opt for a laser model, you’ll probably want to get your holiday snaps processed elsewhere, unless you have access to an inkjet as well.

The toner lasts much longer

Most toner cartridges last for several thousand pages and the cost per page is a penny or two on average. This is much longer – and cheaper – than inkjet. As well as this, many laser printers are designed to print out 30,000 sheets a month or more, quite comfortably.

They come in colours

The first laser printers only offered black toner, but now they’re as versatile as inkjet printers. Colour laser printers are widely available, although basic models start at around £100, which is more than an inkjet model – but remember the lower running costs.

Be ready with the screwdriver

Yes, laser printers last for years, but along the way you can expect one or two repairs to become necessary. Luckily most jobs involve replacing a worn-out part, most of which are easily available.

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If you’re in an office, or you have two or more PCs at home, look for a laser printer with an Ethernet adapter so that it can connect to all the devices (including smartphones and tablets) in the house.