Black Taxis are becoming obsolete

“Black taxis are still operating on the same model as they have for many years. In Birmingham, you can hail a a black taxi om the street or you could decide to book a cab using another service such as . Thankfully minicabit provides an alternative service that embraces how people are looking to book using their laptop or smartphone and in turn provides a much more convenient experience to the passengers in Birmingham. The service doesn’t work for black taxis but you can compare over 700 different cab providers across the UK to make sure that you find the best provider for your journey”393

Technology that increases convenience

The new service has been built from scratch with the latest technologies integrated in it which makes it much better than black taxis. The best part is that it gives you the choice of different service providers, so you can see for yourself which service is giving you the best rates. The way you interact with the taxis today has also changed. Normally, you would wait for a cab, hail at it when you see one, tell them where you have to go, and then explain to the driver if you have any further instructions. The problem with this traditional way is that there is a possibility that the driver might say no or the rates might be too high. But now, with the new service in town, you can specify all these things when you order a taxi.

Travelling made easier

To get a cab through the new taxi service, simply put in your destination, the number of people who will be riding and any special instructions you may have. You can ask them for a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible for disabled people. If you are travelling with man’s best friend, you can tell them to send a vehicle that would be able to accommodate pets easily. If you have more than 4 people going out with you, then you can order a vehicle which can accommodate that many people. It is even possible to book a cab for multiple destinations if you are planning to tour the city or if you want the taxi service to pick up your friends along the way.

Hassle Free Airport Rides

The service becomes a godsend when you want a ride from the airport right away. The worst thing about coming to a new city is if you want a taxi which can drop you to your hotel, you first have to deal with the long taxi queue. Waiting for a taxi at the airport is just horrible when you are jet lagged; the issue is compounded by the fact that the wait is often long.

Through this service, people can simply have a cab waiting for them when they arrive and then pay the driver in cash or through credit card. If you are willing to spend a bit extra, you can even get an executive vehicle. Information technology is opening up new avenues of convenience and this service is a great example.