Budget Savvy: 8 Budget-Friendly Pipes That Will Keep Your Wallet Smiling

For centuries, pipe or shisha smoking has been a favorite pastime for cultures around the world. From the ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans, smoking a pipe and contemplating life has been a long-standing tradition among men.

Today, many people enjoy smoking a pipe or shisha with a variety of flavors, from traditional tobacco to fruity and sweet flavors, and more intense ones like menthol and clove. The best part is that there is also the availability of herbal shisha, for those who want to have fun without hampering their health. Those interested to learn more about this option can click here to check out a CBD-infused herbal shisha for a better understanding.

Well, the flavor you choose depends entirely on your personal preference. Now, sticking to the topic of this blog, here are eight budget-friendly pipes that will keep your wallet smiling.

Joyoldelf Wooden Pipe

With a price tag of under $20, the Joyoldelf Wooden Pipe is an affordable option for anyone looking to stay within a budget. The pear wood, hand-made pipe comes with a wooden pipe stand, and it’s easy to fold design allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. It fits a regular 9mm filter, and the removable tobacco pipe makes it easy to clean.

Scotte Lobular Ebony Smoking Pipe

The Scotte Lobular Ebony Smoking Pipe features a beautiful vintage design and a soft handle. It is handcrafted from rich ebony wood that is heat resistant. It comes with one a plastic pipe stand and pipe scraper, making its $22.99 price tag a great deal for anyone looking to stay within a budget.

Smokey Ridge Aurora Tobacco Smoking Pipe

The Smokey Ridge Aurora pipe comes with a complete accessory set and a brown felt bag to keep it clean and protected from scratches. It’s made of high-quality, durable sandalwood making it a sturdy and elegant pipe. Selling for less than $30, the Smokey Ridge Aurora pipe is an exceptional value.

FeelGlad Ebony Pipe

The FeelGlad Ebony smoking pipe features a superior sandalwood design, inwall carbon layer separation treatment, and a super thick pipe wall. It is easy to disassemble, making cleaning the pipe a breeze. It sells for under $25 and includes the pipe, a pipe scrapper, ten filter elements, ten pipe cleaners, five pipe bowl screens, and two pipe metal screens.

LifeVV Ebony Wooden Smoking Pipe

The smooth lines and exquisite quality of the LifeVV Ebony pipe make it a comfortable design to use. It is handcrafted from natural wood and features beautiful artistry. It includes many free accessories including a ten-piece filter element, cleaning tools, a tobacco pouch and gift box all for less than $25.

Marbleized Tobacco Durable Pipe

This brand new, top of the line, quality tobacco pipe sells for less than $10, making it the best smoking pipes for the money. It features a rubber ring designed to prevent tar and smoke from leaking out of the pipe and boasts a compact and ergonomic design.

StillCool Mini Portable Water Tobacco Hookah Pipe

Featuring a unique design, the Still Cool Hookah Pipe is a collectible treasure for any pipe enthusiast. It has both a cigarette pot and a tobacco pot to meet different needs. At just over $10, this pipe functions as an excellent working smoking device or a beautiful piece for your home d├ęcor.

Mr. Brog Old Army, Full Bent Smoking Pipe

The Old Army Full Bent Pipe is made of high-quality pear wood that spends two full season cycles drying. Each pipe has a signature stamped and is handmade in Poland. You can purchase it online for $24.99.

If you’re an avid tobacco pipe smoker, these eight inexpensive pipes are the best you can find if you are trying to stay on a budget.