How you can make some extra money

There some ways you can earn yourself some extra spending money, or boost your savings, without having to take up a second job. One of the first things we would recommend, which has benefits twofold is to clear your house of all unwanted and unused items, then look at selling them. Not only can you make some extra cash but you can also clear some clutter.


Car boot sales – Try your hand at a local car boot sale, you normally have to get up early on a Sunday, but it can be quite easy to shift your unwanted items. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Fee’s to pitch normally apply depending on local rates, these are normally around the £10 mark for cars.

Auction houses – If you have larger or older items you no longer want, using the services of an auction house may be a better option. Getting items accurately appraised can be beneficially for older items or large pieces of furniture. The auction house will take a cut of what the final bid is, but included in this fee, is the cost of appraising and picking up your items.

Online – eBay was the first auction website, now one of the biggest, however there are other auction sites out there which may be worth a try. Each one will have varying fee’s and you will have to decide, if you items will be posted or pick-up only. There are also companies like Music Magpie which take your old stuff, such as DVD’s, videos, CD’s and games as well as old mobile phones and even clothes. You may not get as much from these sites as selling on eBay or other auction sites but you don’t have fee’s to worry about. However for rare or usual items, auction sites may be the best way to go to get the most money.

Buying offline and selling online is also another option, if you don’t have any junk to get rid of. Cash Lady offer their tips on raising some extra cash by buying offline and selling online. This does take more research and some capital to get started and some advice not start too big. However there are more opportunities to make more money than just selling your old stock, but there are more things to consider.

Beware – HMRC are now cracking down on sellers on auction sites, if your just selling your old stuff or the odd item occasionally you’re not going to be liable for tax on this extra income. If you become a regular seller online, then you will be, so you need to read up and make sure your declaring everything you should be. Otherwise you might be hit with a big tax bill and fine.