Can you sell your house easily in this market?

With the number of buyers in the market, it may seem like an easy task at first glance; but it’s not. Buyers are tech savvy and demanding everywhere. You’ll have to exceed the expectations thrown your way or at least be at par with them. Otherwise, the only option you have is to settle. Neither you nor your buyer wants that! So how do you make it easier to sell your house?

Of course, working with real estate firms like Crawford Home Buyers can be one of the best and easiest ways of doing it, but there are other ways too. And this blog will list some of them for you:

1.    Vlog it out!

Personal vlogs are a thing now. People put their personal lives up on the internet, and YouTube has become the medium of choice. The best way to sell a house is to tell a story. And what better way to tell a story than a video. Buy an inexpensive camera, an investment in itself, and roam around your house and your neighborhood. Describe what you love about the place; the best bits.

Taking a walk through the neighbourhood will allow you to showcase the best part of living here. You can also go to the coffee or ice cream shop you frequent and introduce the people there. The same is true for your neighbors if they’re willing. This helps prospective buyers imagine what it’s like to be where you are. You can also brand your commercial or residential property by buying some great keychains or fidget spinners to give to prospective buyers from

2.    Offer the buyers can’t refuse

Your real estate agent can prove to be a great source of help for you. Not only will you gain some knowledge about selling houses but a professional and experienced real estate agent can help come up with great recommendations for sales. They can tell you when the property will go up or down based on estimates and can even give you comparable prices of similar houses to yours. This will help you come up with a fairly accurate number when you pitch your house in front of buyers. A plus would be to have Advantage Property Styling by professionals to give your house that attractive look to lure in buyers from the get go.

3.    Be Approachable

Be approachable with your agents. If you try scheduling show times way in advance, or have a very constricting time limit for showing, real estate agents may move on to the next house and just not show your house altogether. There go your chances of making a great sale. Online conveyancers for sellers are available to you for a reason. Communicate with clients on legal matters with ease and make them feel comfortable with the help on the go.

4.    Let the neighbours in on it

If you live in a good neighbourhood, you can enlist the help of your neighbours in your sale. This way you are letting your neighbours choose who they get to see every morning living next to them after you move out. Online message boards and email lists can help you get connected with your neighbours, who may have some close friends who may be interested in buying the property. You can host a garden or barbecue party as an undercover showing. IT will give prospective buyers the chance to get to know you and visualize what it would be like to live there.

5.    Be involved

As long as you, yourself, don’t take interest in the sale, no one can do anything for you. Have pictures for your house on the real estate agent’s website if you can’t follow 1 rigorously. Approach your real estate agent with the vlog you made  and ask for it to be shown with the listing. At least have pictures for your house so that it gets a chance to come into the limelight with buyers.