Rental ROI: Common Sense Tips on Investing in Residential Property

Purchasing residential properties is a great way to invest your money, provided you’re doing it correctly. You’re likely to encounter some challenges along the way and the difference between success and failure is determined by how they are met. Fortunately, you’re not the first to travel down this road. Numerous other investors have offered their own advice on how to proceed.

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UK bank mortgage rates at record lows: Is it now time to remortgage?

January 2016 saw many of the top stock exchanges around the world decline sharply. Investor confidence at the start of the year was distressingly low. A number of outside factors have been playing upon the world investment market, and having a negative effect on confidence in the stock markets. Firstly, as the price of oil continues to plummet, many large petroleum multinationals have had to lay off workers, which has in turn affected the share value. The possibility of a so called Brexit, where the United Kingdom may vote to leave the European Union has been doing little to help the situation. The EU has cut interest rates and now UK banks are following suit, leading to record low mortgage rates. Despite the economic uncertainty, would ordinary people be able to take advantage of this situation? Is it now time to remortgage? [Read more…]

The Vicious Cycle

At what stage of your life did you think you were smarter than your father? If you read some of the jokes in the paper, being cleverer than your dad, or your mum, usually hits you at about the age of seven. Of course by the time you’re a teenager you’re just about the smartest person walking on the earth! It’s doubtful that there is anything more intelligent anywhere than an 18-year-old.

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Black Taxis are becoming obsolete

“Black taxis are still operating on the same model as they have for many years. In Birmingham, you can hail a a black taxi om the street or you could decide to book a cab using another service such as . Thankfully minicabit provides an alternative service that embraces how people are looking to book using their laptop or smartphone and in turn provides a much more convenient experience to the passengers in Birmingham. The service doesn’t work for black taxis but you can compare over 700 different cab providers across the UK to make sure that you find the best provider for your journey” [Read more…]