What is courier fleet insurance?

We’ve caught up with insurance experts from Insurance Revolution, to find out more information about courier fleet insurance.


So if you own a courier business listen up.

You might have a fleet of courier vehicles, in that case you’ll benefit from courier fleet insurance. Your fleet is most likely driven by a number of different drivers, all with varying ages and levels of driving experience.

This makes courier fleet insurance a cheaper alternative than insuring each one of your drivers individually.

Types of courier fleet insurance

There are a variety of courier fleet insurance policies to choose from, so it’s important to take the time to find one that’s right for you, as they’re not all the same.

Check with your provider exactly what your courier fleet insurance covers, and make sure that the number of vehicles that you need covered is within the policy guidelines. Most of the time, a fleet of vehicles is considered to be 3 or above, so if your ‘fleet’ only consists of two vehicles it might be more beneficial to insure them individually.

What to look for with courier fleet insurance

When looking for courier fleet insurance, it’s important to find a policy with features that benefit your company. All policies are different, however, yours should cover all of the following:

Public liability cover – if a customer or a member of the public is somehow injured through fault of one of your employees or their vehicles, this could prove extremely costly without public liability cover. If possible try and get a policy with public liability cover for around the £5m mark.

24 hour helpline for breakdowns and claims – you never know when disaster could strike!

Flexible payment options – these are good for any business as they spread the cost over a longer period of time, for example 12 months.

Depending on which policy you take out, some other benefits of courier fleet insurance may include:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Courtesy vehicle
  • Cover for radios and stereo equipment
  • Mirrored no claims bonus from private car insurance
  • Even travel to the EU!