How to Create Presentation for Your Business Project

You will need a slideshow maker software to create a slideshow presentation for the business project. Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac is cheap and provides all the tools you need to create the presentation. It works on all Mac versions so you won’t have any problem installing and running the slideshow maker software on your Mac computer no matter if it is an old or new Mac computer.


Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to import bulk photos into the timeline instead of having you to load one photo at a time. When the photos are load onto the timeline, you can check and see if the photo are arranged in the correct order. If you want a particular photo to be in another position, you just simply hold down your left mouse button to move it. The timeline is able to accommodate as many photo slides as you want.

If you wonder what photo to use for your presentation, you should look for photos that make clear the point that you are talking. The photos that you use in the slideshow should be simple. You can include simple graph data images into the slideshow. Once the slides are in the correct sequence, it is time to add text onto the slide. You must first add a title style to the slide if you want to add some text. The title styles collection can be found under the T tab. There are lots of different title styles to use for making a slideshow for your business presentation. Movavi also provides its own collection of fonts.

To add a title style, you simply drag it onto the slide where you want to add text. The title style is ideal for adding a small block of text onto the slide to help clarify your explanation of the point. You should avoid adding too much text into the slide because it can distract the attention of the audience. Adding only a few text allow the audience to pay attention in listening to you while you are talking and making the presentation in the meeting room.

You can use Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac to add transition effects into the photo slides. If you decide to add some transition effects, you can click the transitions tab and browse through the different categories to select a suitable transition style. It is best that you stick in using simple transition effects and be consistent in applying the same transition effect throughout the slideshow.

You can also add music that plays along with the slideshow in the background from the start to finish. To add the music, you must click Add Media Files and locate the soundtrack from your computer. You will know whether the soundtrack is the same length as the video when it is added into the timeline. If the soundtrack is shorter and you choose to repeat it, you can select the settings tab and choose loop audio. If the audio track is too long, you can use the scissor tool to clip off the extra segment at the end.