Deals and making money online: three ways to keep your pockets heavy!

In the modern era, there are various ways to make money online. Some people fill out hundreds of surveys, others enjoy taking advantage of free sports bets and promotional offers at the likes of Betway. Ultimately, there are plenty of methods to keep your pockets heavy – we take a look at just three of the best ways to ensure you



During the technological era, numerous websites have been set up to give the general public an opportunity to save money via vouchers. Groupon is one of the most popular websites in the world and millions use the service to save money on the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap gym membership, the latest TV-DVD entertainment kit or tickets to an event, there are vouchers available and many banks also offer cashback and deals at many high street chains.

In a world where technology is now so important, why pass on the opportunity to save yourself some money? Get to one of these websites and start shopping for bargains!

Offers and promotions

Visit almost any website and there will be some form of offer or promotion. This technique is incredible at drawing customers in and exploiting them, however if you use them correctly then you can make yourself a hefty saving.

At a clothes website, they may offer free shipping or delivery if you spend over a certain amount. Don’t just spend money for the sake of it but if you’re within £10 or so of the target, you might as well spend an extra tenner as delivery charges are around £5.

In addition, another way to save money is via online bookmakers. Many, including, have numerous sports bet offers and promotions – including their current ‘bet £30, get £30’ offer for new customers. Simply place your wager on a likely outcome and bob’s your uncle, you might be on the way to a decent bit of profit!

Budget correctly

A simple yet effective way to save money is just by budgeting better. Far too many people waste money on food, household goods and other items and most families could save more money than they actually realise.

Your average family wastes approximately £60 of food per month – which equates to £720 a year. Now that £720 could pay for a holiday, it could pay for a new laptop or it could pay for a new set of curtains. Ultimately, that’s a lot of money to just throw away.

Budgeting is difficult and will take time but in the long run, it’s worth it. After all, an extra £720 in your pockets has got to feel good, right?