Don’t Do These 4 Things When You Design a Brochure

Designing a brochure? Stop right there! It may seem like a simple thing to put together a brochure but it is surprisingly easy to get it badly wrong. A good brochure will help promote your company or your services, while a bad brochure will be thrown in the recycling bin or – worse – reflect negatively on your business.


When designing a brochure pay attention to these factors and avoid them in order to create the best brochure for your individual needs.

  1. Forget About Your Customer or Market

If you are designing a brochure and you have no idea who is going to read it, you will probably fail. You need to know who you want to read your brochure. You need to target the brochure to a certain set of people or a certain person. This will affect the text inside the brochure, the main message, the colours, the type of paper, and many other factors.

  1. Avoid White Space

If you want to make a mistake in brochure printing, cram a brochure with text and colour and images so that people cannot focus on anything. A high quality brochure for exhibitions stands needs to be set out with good amounts of white space. This makes a brochure much easier to read. 

  1. Fail to Check and Proof

Good printing services will check certain elements of your brochure before they are printed, but they will not check everything. You need to make sure that you proofread and check all copy and images within the brochure. Give this to someone else to do if you are too close to the project to see the details. Either way, it is essential to check the final product before sending it to the printers.

  1. Forget About Brand

A brochure is not just a way of giving out more information, it is important to create a brand and a following. It would be a mistake to underestimate the power of a brochure to help or hinder your brand. Make sure that you use your corporate or brand colours. Check that the tone of the copy fits with your brand, as well as the images you use and the fonts you choose. It all adds up to make a big difference.

If you are in any way unsure about brochure printing and design, you can outsource this important task to a professional. It is better to spend a little money on getting it right, rather than create a brochure that is not fit for purpose.

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