Five Tips For Dealing With Money Emergencies

When it comes time to need money for an emergency you can find yourself facing a lot of stress. People that live paycheck to paycheck or in poverty can literally be destroyed by even the smallest emergency, but there are ways to get money and help.


Here are some emergency types that can happen and how you might be able to get help paying for them.

Car Problems

For most people having a running vehicle is a way of life. You need it to get to work, unless you live in a bigger city that offers public transportation. When your car breaks down and you don’t have the money to get it fixed up you need to get the money from somewhere, even if it’s to buy a new vehicle because your vehicle needs more repair than the car itself is worth.

You might want to consider a small loan, which can help with repairs. You may need to consider a larger loan if it’s time to replace your vehicle. It helps to know what your vehicle is worth when it comes to determining if an expensive repair is worth it.

Home Repairs

If something major breaks down in your home it can leave your life in shambles. Some things are easier to deal with than others, like a broken refrigerator. You may need to apply for a new credit card or go shopping at a rent-to-own place in order to get a replacement, and you’ll want something quickly if you have foods that could go bad.

If you have a major malfunction, like a frozen pipe that has burst, you may need a loan or you might even want to ask friends and family for help starting up a crowdfunding campaign.

Medical Issues

Keep your insurance up-to-date if you want to avoid debt when it comes to medical emergencies. If you don’t have insurance it may be important to put some money away specifically for medical stuff. If you’re unsure about being able to afford insurance take some time to look for help.

Family Emergencies

You may have a family emergency you have to contend with. Maybe someone ends up in jail for drunk driving and you not only need bail money but money for court costs and fines. While you may want to make your family member learn a lesson, you still might want to help them out.

Some family emergencies and medical emergencies can use other ways to get money, aside from insurance. Crowdfunding can be used or you could plan a benefit rummage sale.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can often be covered by insurance, so it is important to have your home insured, even if you’re a renter, and to have your vehicle insured. It may also be wise to have life insurance if you live somewhere prone to natural disasters, like Tornado Alley. Benefits and crowdfunding could also help when you’re in need.