Going to Australia for vacation? Enjoy and save money by renting instead of staying in hotels

Hotels. They are cozy and nice, yes. But sometimes they can also be boring and not to mention expensive (at least the good ones).  Here’s the good news: You can also find convenient and affordable housing in Australia as long as you know where to look.


Rental Property on McGrath. If you’re staying in Australia for a week or two, then renting with McGrath is one of the few service providers who can point you in the right direction. They have a couple of rentals that may suit your needs. Their best locations are located in Surry Hills, Glebe, Manly, Randwick, Darlinghurst, Bondi Beach, and Turramurra.

If you’re looking for an affordable, secure and exciting stay, then check the rental property on McGrath.

Paradise Bay Eco Escape. You’ll enjoy being one of only a maximum of 14 guests staying in the 10 awesome and newly refurbished beachfront cabins in this island ecotreat. You can go for swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and many more. And considering you’ll only spend money on wine and errr, a seaplane, this is absolutely a great value for your money.

Use Air BNB. You know this is coming. In general, a vacation rental—whether a home, condo, apartment, yurt, boat, shared space, or other property—represent wonderful value for flexible, more exciting travel for people (when compared to hotels).

Here’s what you get:

Transparent Security Deposits. Hotels often charge their guests a refundable deposit when they check in. This is often a small amount (around $50 per day), to cover things like incidentals and breakages (room service as well as purchases from the minibar). With that, there’s no real ‘rule’ on how much hotels should charge clients. It’s completely up to them, and can be as be as high or as low as they want.

With AirBNB, before you start a booking, you’re told simply how much your room will cost, from the cleaning fee and deposit, to the cost for additional guests. Moreover, many properties on AirBnB don’t even ask for a deposit, all thanks to the wonderful insurance they receive for free as hosts.

More Location. When you go to a city, chances are you’ll find somewhere that resonates with what you want to see in a particular setting. You can look for hotels and beach apartments victoria or in nearby locations such as Warrnambool and Great Ocean Road. In Toronto, there’s Danforth Avenue. In Liverpool, there’s Lark Lane, with its dozens of awesome cafes and restaurants.

Through AirBnB and apartment rentals, you can be much more specific with where you want to stay. Going to Melbourne and want to be able to walk to your favorite pub? You can. That’s because you’re staying in someone’s house, whereas hotels tend to be bunched around city centers and transport hubs.

Here’s the deal:

The price of vacation rentals like BNB is generally lower than hotel rooms of comparable quality. For example, some BnB rentals will have a plush king bed, great shower and bathroom, deck, full kitchen, two levels, private entrance, street parking, and many custom touches; the rate can also be half the price of nearby Aussie city hotels. Let’s say that again: HALF the price of nearby hotels.