How going online can give you a cost-effective home makeover

We’re no strangers to using the internet to find some great online bargains, but it seems like the web is also packed full of great tips, advice, and promotions that can help in a home makeover project too.

So whether you’re looking for a quick next-day delivery service that can save you some petrol miles, a helping hand in the form of a handyman in Peoria (or elsewhere) to help you assemble that new piece of furniture, or even just want to join in the craft revolution by using your skills to create the home aesthetic of your dreams, there’s plenty of ways that the web can help you with your next home makeover DIY project!

It seems that timing is everything when doing a little internet shopping, as the end of season sales are frequently when you can find the biggest bargains. In particular, it can be a good idea to time these searches with a look on a voucher code site as many DIY brands like B&Q choose this time of year to release some limited-edition sales vouchers.

background-1102710_960_720But if you’re really into doing things your own way, there are plenty of online craft sites that are full of great ideas for updating the look of your home for next to nothing. Whether it’s giving that tired old wardrobe a shabby-chic makeover, or just making some particularly bold metallic letter art, there’s so much that can be done without even having to head out to the shops.

And those of us who are a little shop-phobic should definitely check out the next day delivery service that available from Bedstar. This allows you to pick and choose the bed of your dreams that can come straight to your door without you having to leave the house – pretty useful considering the cost of petrol nowadays!


Even if you can’t afford new furniture, there are plenty of ways that you can find a bargain on the internet. Sites like Freecycle have become hugely popular for the ways in which they allow you to hunt down a free unwanted piece of furniture in your area, and similarly the British Heart Foundation have build up a great name for themselves by selling lots of donated items like wardrobes and sofas whilst making a lot of money for charity.

Obviously there are certain items like beds which, for hygiene reasons, should only ever be bought new. But by doing a little internet research to find a retailer who offers a range of finance options, and by taking advantage of a next-day delivery service, you could easily be living in the home of your dreams tomorrow!