Going from Penny-Pincher to Pound-Stacker – Starting Your Own Business

The term ‘penny-pincher’ undoubtedly comes across as a bit of a negative one, but to the seasoned penny-pincher they really don’t care how they come across. It’s all about getting the most value out of every single penny you spend and it’s a good feeling to have knowing that your efforts are really paying off and you find yourself with that little bit extra to spend.


With only a few months of practice however, the true penny pincher starts developing their knack for stretching each penny to the point that it becomes second nature. All of a sudden some business opportunities which were hidden in plain view start coming out of the woodwork and the world becomes your oyster in that you can pretty much choose just exactly how you’re going to proceed going from penny pincher to pound-stacking business operator.

The business can be as simple as doing door-to-door deliveries of fresh produce and some groceries which you perhaps bought in bulk, having made prior arrangements with a handful of your neighbours who all buy a lot of same goods. Armed with your free credit card swiper, this is just one of many business opportunities which inevitably arise out of constantly pushing to get more value from every cent spent and all parties involved benefit while you walk away with some profits.

Now this is where it gets interesting because you might start facing challenges such as neighbours not wanting to continue supporting what appears to be a growing enterprise (it happens), which would require you to change tact and not only save money doing what you’re becoming really good at, but make money in the process. That’s the best way to make money – doing something you’re good at and something you love doing (you can very easily learn to love saving and making money).

Turn your knowledge into income

You could very well go the e-book guide route, but unless you’re doing it through the likes of Amazon’s self-publishing platform, that could come across as a bit dodgy-looking, even though it’s all above board. What I am suggesting though is that if you’ve mastered the art of saving your money in every way you possibly can and all that penny-pinching and creative spending leaves you with a visible surplus at the end of each month, year, etc., that is some information people would be willing to pay for. That’s what it means to earn an income from what you know as opposed to earning an income from what you do, like going to a job each morning. I mean if someone catches wind of the fact that you can save them an extra £600 every three months or so, that’s some info they’d be willing to pay good money for and if you’re up for it you can operate something like a penny-pinchers club, really formalising it with some solutions offered by the likes of Merchant Account Solutions and then perhaps even going as far as re-investing the pool of money every participant saves through the club.