How to Budget Your Money

Properly budgeting your money is one of the best steps you can take to improve your financial situation. It essentially creates a financial plan for you to follow that dictates regular spending, discretionary spending and even savings and investments. You can refer back to your budget regularly to better determine if you can afford to go out over the weekend and to make other financial decisions. However, while budgeting seems easy enough to do, the unfortunate reality is that this is an area that many people struggle with. By reviewing the basics of how to budget your money, you may be able to improve your financial standing in the months and years to come.


Creating a Functional Budget

The first step to take when creating a functional budget is to list your current income for the month. This should be your net or take-home income rather than your gross income. Then, list all of your expenses. This will include regular bills, such as utilities, your car payment insurance payments, credit card payments and your rent or mortgage payment. It will also include a realistic figure for food, gas, clothing, medical bills or prescription medications, childcare and more. You may need to review bank statements to determine how much you have historically been spending in these areas. Many people also find it helpful to create a line item in their budget for fun or entertainment. Some expense may be paid quarterly or annually, so pro-rate these expenses into your monthly income to ensure that you properly account for them. A smart idea is to budget for regular savings as well. When you establish and fund a rainy day savings account, you can avoid falling behind in payments in the future.

If You Need to Get Caught Up

If you are like most people who have been struggling financial, you may currently be behind on bills. Your budget may be of little help to you until you get caught up on your payments. You may consider applying for a payday alternative loan to get access to a lump sum of cash immediately. Then, you can budget for the repayment of the loan in the weeks to come. You can use the funds from a payday loan alternative to pay all debts that you are currently behind on, such as your utility bill, your phone bill or your rent payment.

Budgeting your money properly is not something that comes naturally to many people. For many, it takes a great deal of time and regular practice developing a budget and keeping it updated before true financial results are visible. While it can be challenging initially, this effort may be well-rewarded with an improved financial situation in the future.