How to Save Money with DIY Home Improvement

You may be wondering, “What is a great way for me to improve upon my home while also saving money?” It sounds like an impossible feat, and yet, with some time set aside and the proper motivation anyone can save money and make their home a better place to live. In this article you will find out some great tips to help you save money. The first is manually shortening your dryer-vent hose; by doing this you’re saving around $25.00 per year on electricity, gas or propane depending on your living situation. You’re not only saving money by doing this, you’re also saving time. Your clothes will dry around 20% quicker.


Another way is by keeping as many doors closed as possible. This might sound silly but it really helps to keep your home from using too much energy to heat or cool your living areas. The less space that needs cooling or heating, the less money you need to spend. This could potentially save you around $50.00 a year off of your energy bills.
Another thing you can do is install dimming switches in your home. By doing this you’re lowering the energy required to power your light bulbs. You can buy dimming switches for cheap at your local department store. You’ll also need dimmable light bulbs. Incorporating the cost of the switches and bulbs you’ll still save around $30.00 each year if you continuously use the lowest setting. You can also rely more on natural light that is provided by windows. If you have the money it may be worth it to have windows installed around your home so that you’re minimizing the amount of light you need to use through electricity. This will eventually pay itself off as long as you live in an open area where the sun can reach. Research a professional roofer that you can trust before doing this.
You can also make your own cleaning solutions. You can use ingredients such as baking soda or white vinegar to clean your home. This will cost you far less than commercial cleaners. We recommend that you do some more extended research into this topic before pursuing. This route could save you around $50.00 each year. There are many ways to reduce energy while also making your living situation more convenient. Look around your home and try to figure out what you don’t need to be using and make sacrifices; you’ll be glad you did.