Improve public restroom efficiency by installing electronic hand dryers

Most of us have gone through the urgent need to use a public rest room and those of us who’ve used them are pretty aware of the fact that public restrooms tend to be the main culprit of consumer anger. From stall floors to wet seats to germ-containing door handles and lack of soap, everything can soon get on your nerves once you enter a public restroom. If you’re wondering about what the facility managers have been doing about their duty, well, they’ve been facing the age-old challenge of offering hygiene-friendly washrooms for their patrons.


Complaints against such public restrooms have been soaring higher and as per a survey by the Trending Machine, 3 out of 4 people had lodged at least one complaint regarding public toilets. More than 1/3rd said that they lacked proper supplies like hand towels, hand dryers and were extremely concerned about germy door handles.

Creating hygiene-friendly bathroom products – An electric hand dryer

The AIA or the American Institute of Architects deems public health as the most vital criteria for designing public washrooms. Their age-old challenge of building desirable public restrooms has led them to manufacture electric hand dryers to improve efficiency and technology and create better hygiene-friendly products which can proudly replace hand towels for good. Since the last 5 years, the manufacturers have brought about innovations which include faucets which are touch-free and highly effective automatic hand dryers for business use which has the capability of drying your hands in less than 10 seconds and which uses sensors to turn on and off.

The invention of the touch-free option has done wonders. People carry millions of germs on their hands by touching different surfaces. This can be very risky and a dangerous situation–if they carry harmful microbes. With the technology mentioned above, individuals can wash or dry their hands without having to touch the apparatus and spreading the bacteria to others. Hence, ensuring others and their own safety.

Such equipment needs to be implemented in all the commercial buildings as there are countless numbers of people going in and out of them. Adding on to the incorporation of automatic dryers in the restrooms, another hands-free machine that needs to be included is a soap dispenser. Since supplying a single bar of soap might be very disastrous as many would have to use it with complete hands-on contact–over and over again. So, to promote hygiene and feelings of cleanliness, installing such innovative gadgets would seem to be beneficial.

That being said, if you seem to be in need of such items, you can always seek help from professional companies that can provide you with the machine and also install it for you. People could ask assistance from agencies such as SBI Contracting or any other local firms located around them.

Why should you have hand dryers in every public restroom?

There has always been an argument about whether to have paper towels or hand dryers in a public toilet. But with the advancement of technology, hand dryers are more famous due to multiple reasons. What are they? Take a look.

  • Hand dryers are sophisticated: In terms of the new technology, hand dryers are gradually becoming much more sophisticated than the previous days. Nowadays, the dryers have antimicrobial surfaces and contain anti-drip technologies. They also have digitally timed cold air blasts which make sure your hands dry even faster.
  • Hand dryers are economical: The main benefit of having them in public restrooms is that they are an economical way of drying your hands than the paper towels. Though you can recycle paper towels, they have a very short time within which they need to be reused. On the contrary, hand dryers can stay valuable for more than a decade.
  • Hand dryers are durable: The extreme durability of hand dryers also has wider environmental benefits. Since hand dryers are an economical option, they save you your dollars which you would have to pay as upfront costs. Dryers with automatic soap dispensers are also important.

Hand dryers are safe: Rather than other drying technologies, hand dryers can be