Know the Signs of a Cheaply Produced Tie

A tie is a relatively simple garment, but there’s still a world of difference between a cheap tie and one that was made with quality in mind. You might think it’s worth saving a few pennies by choosing a cheaper tie since it’s easy to assume there’s little difference. In fact, a cheap tie won’t look or hang quite right.

Here are just a few signs of a cheaply produced tie.

No 45-Degree Cut

One of the most important things about your tie is how the fabric is cut. It should really be cut at a 45-degree angle. If it isn’t, the fabric will twist and fail to hang straight, which doesn’t make for a professional appearance. To find out if a tie was cut at a 45-degree angle, simply pull the fabric at a 45-degree angle. If it has been cut right, it shouldn’t move.

Too Thin

Traditionally, ties are made using three folds. There’s one on the inside and then two over and over again to create a closed seam along the edge. However, many low-quality manufacturers cut down on fabric costs by neglecting the three-fold method. The result is a tie that feels too thin and moves around too easily.

Cheap Lining

The interlining of your tie is very important. If a cheap material, such as discount polyester, is used, it’s very tough to tie a neat knot with a nice dimple. Natural materials are best if you want your tie to look professional.

Too Thick

A tie can be too thick as well as too thin. Unfortunately, people often mistake thickness for quality. The problem is that overly thick ties don’t drape down correctly. Instead, they often project a little from the chest. If a tie feels too thick, it might be cheaply made to imitate quality, especially if it feels stiff or puffy.