MandM Direct Review: Cheap Clothing – Save up to 85%

MandM Direct review: how much can you spend on an outfit? Plus extra tips to make sure you maximise all possible discounts and pay the absolute best prices!

MandM Direct review: how much can you spend on an outfit? Plus extra tips to make sure you maximise all possible discounts and pay the absolute best prices!

I was recently asked if I wanted to try some clothes from MandM Direct and I couldn’t say no really. I genuinely don’t buy clothes very often and make do and mend when something starts to fray.

The majority of my clothes come from charity shops as it works out more affordable to buy nicer quality clothes than buying them brand new.

It’s like the egg and chicken. I could buy brands but they cost more but last longer. Or I could buy a cheaper item of clothing to save money initially but it usually falls apart quicker.

Although I’m saving money up front, I have to pay more money out overall.

I would much prefer to have a few quality items in my wardrobe than throw cheap items out and waste money.

So it was great when a large package was sent for me from MandM Direct it would mean that I’d have some quality items to add to my wardrobe just in time for the season to change.

If you’re not sure who MandM Direct are, they have a really big range of cheap clothing for women, men and children. They also sell shoes and accessories – all from top named brands but at discounted prices.

Without breaking the bank, or having to buy second hand from eBay or a charity shop, you can get an outfit at a snip of the price.

When having a browse for products I wanted to add to my wardrobe, my first port of call was their massive discount clearance section. On top of the discounted products, they had an even bigger sale price!

MandM Direct Outfit

For this outfit, the RRP is £199.94 but it only actually cost £66.54 – that’s just a third of the retail price!

That is one whopping saving! Plus, having looked again, some of the items have reduced slightly more since in flash sales.

For this outfit, the RRP is £199.94 but it only actually cost £66.54 – that's just a third of the retail price!

This look is made up of:

Board Angels Boots – RRP £49.99 – selling for £19.99

Onfire Trench Coat – RRP £39.99 – selling for £13.59

Fluid Women’s Skinny Jeans – RRP £39.99 – selling for £11.99

Fluid Sweater – RRP £34.99 – selling for £12.99

Board Angels Leather Gloves – RRP £14.99 – selling for £3.99

Onfire Eau De Toilette Pink – RRP £19.99 – selling for £3.99

* all prices correct as at 15 November 2015

Tips to get the best deals from MandM Direct

So you probably get the idea that you can make a saving when you shop with MandM Direct but don’t let that make you just start shopping.

With a couple of tips, you can make sure you maximise all possible discounts and get the absolute best possible prices!

Save money on delivery

If you are going to put a few orders in a year, it’s probably worth joining MandM Premier.

You get express delivery and free returns on every order, priority catalogue mailing, special offers just for Premier customers and new product alerts.

It costs £19.99 for a year. Standard delivery is £3.99 so if you’re going to put in a few orders and want the flexibility to return them with as little hassle as possible, this would be a really good option for you.

Follow them on social media

Whether you are just looking to keep an eye out for their latest products, or you want the chance to win a freebie in their competitions, it;s worth following them on their social media channels.

Freebie Friday is run on Facebook and they give away products every week!

Keep an eye out for flash sales

MandM Direct have good sales anyway but from time to time they launch a flash sale where you can save up to 85% on the RRP.

Make money from them

If you have your own website, you can ask to sign up to their affiliate scheme. If someone then click through a link on your site and makes a purchase, you may earn a commission from the sale.

It can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Look out for a discount

I’m sure you’re well aware that you shouldn’t shop online without first hunting for cashback or a discount code.

MandM Direct have a few at the moment:

Do remember that if you use a discount code then sometimes the cashback won’t track so work out first which will make you the biggest saving.

They’ve also got a Christmas shop and focus on budget so you may well be able to pick up a couple of gifts too and if you use the discounted Premier free delivery code you could make a massive saving on your Christmas shop!

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