Poor Equipment Costs You $$$$!

Often when starting a restaurant, an entrepreneur is tempted to save money by buying used equipment. And too often, that equipment breaks down at the busiest time of the busiest day of the year—giving you the biggest headache of the year! Not only that, it can highly affect your business growth and popularity.

-The Kitchen–Your equipment needs may be for everything from food prep to dish washing. They have all that—plus the smaller items–right down to the pans and that special knife your chef demands! They also have the very best of refrigeration equipment so you can “keep your cool” on opening day!

-The Dining Room–Your customers will expect the finest in dinnerware and all the utensils. Every item to assure your diner’s happiness while enjoying your fabulous food is in stock in the warehouse—ready for immediate shipment to you!

-The Bar—your bartender will love the huge selection of supplies and equipment to keep everything first class!

-Furniture—Of course all of this would be useless to you unless you have the proper dining room furniture and fixtures to make your guests comfortable. All the seating and tables are here for you, including those items needed to keep the little ones happy and begging to come back to your place!

-Janitor supplies—Ah-h! Cleaning up afterward—how everyone loves it! The best in janitor supplies can make the job pleasant and as short as possible.

-Service? Only qualified technicians are hired so that your peace of mind is assured on that rare occasion when something goes amiss.

And free shipping and very affordable financing can put brand new dependable equipment in your restaurant for less upfront money than buying questionable used items.

-Free shipping? It means just what it says! Your equipment will be delivered to the address you choose and it will not cost you one penny for shipping! How much money can that save you?

-Financing—You have a very limited budget to work with for your start up adventure. Why not make the most of every scarce dollar by taking advantage of very reasonable financing? This way, you will be able to relax, knowing that you have equipment you can count on! Major Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Purchase Orders (with approved credit) are all accepted.

-Warranty–You can buy with confidence knowing that all merchandise is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. They even offer a return policy—for those rare occasions when you realize a different piece of equipment would serve your needs better.

Now you can get a good night’s sleep, knowing that your operation will run smoothly with brand new dependable equipment from missionrs.com!