Re-Decorating on a Budget

The space in which you spend pretty much all of your time when you’re not out working or whatever else it is you do when you go out is naturally a very sacred space in which you want to really feel at home. It’s your sanctuary — your retreat, the place where you are completely comfortable and where you can be yourself, uninhibited. Naturally then, you’ll want to make sure to keep it inspirational and so you might want to re-decorate every once in a while.


The frequency with which re-decorations are required however may not quite agree with your budget, so if you have a limited budget with which to work, there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind so that you can still get a sterling job done without breaking the bank.

Avoid Dramatic Style-Changes

Whether you’re only instituting some cosmetic changes to your interiors, i.e. only switching up the styling, or indeed if you’re knocking down some walls or carrying out structural changes in any other way, if you make subtle style-changes you’ll naturally save lot of money. If you’re having a brand new fitted bedroom done up for instance, the styling can be updated without a dramatic change in style. The savings come through the ability to re-use some of the elements making up the previous styling, like the same colour tiles if you’re sticking to a similar colour scheme, for instance. You’d otherwise have to buy a completely new set of tiles in this case and the same applies for all other items such as curtains maybe, your comforter set and perhaps even have to buy a new colour paint altogether.

Stick to One Overall Style-Theme

Believe it or not, but you can actually have an interior decor style-change without changing the theme. Just like dramatic style changes through the likes of dramatic colour changes, dramatic theme changes can also destroy your budget rather quickly if you want to re-decorate on the cheap. What I mean by having the ability to change the style without changing the theme is that you can have a theme which follows a specific colour scheme, but that theme can be represented through many different styles. So if you’re more of a lover of classic interior styles, your classically styled interior could assume many different themes through many different colour schemes, but it’s still a classically-styled theme regardless. The colour alone doesn’t make or break the style, although it definitely contributes a great deal.

If you love bright primary and secondary colours for instance, there’s just no way a theme of those colours could ever be classified as classic, for instance, so there definitely is a line.

Sticking to one overall them though is one of the most effective ways to stretch your re-decorating budget, quite simply because you can source all the elements of your interior decorations from specialist suppliers, which means you can get it all much cheaper than you would from general dealers and carriers of different styles, especially those selling according to the very latest trends.