How to Save Money on Theatre Tickets

Theater has a great impact on people’s lives. It has been the art form that reflects a person’s everyday triumphs and turmoil. People have many preferences when it comes to theater. Some might like a tragedy type of drama while others may go to a satyr play. Similarly, a few theater enthusiasts would prefer being seated on the front row while some would prefer a seat in the balcony. Yet when it comes to ticket prices, these varying preferences are set aside, and the nearest chance to a cheaper ticket is quickly grabbed by everyone.


Finding cheaper tickets allows you to save money on theater tickets, but this may not be easy to do so. You need to find the right box office, the right people, and even the right tactic to get those. If you want an easier way to book, you can get theatre tickets at TicketSelect. But if you choose to get a cheaper ticket, check out the following ways:

Go in the last minute

If a show is about to start and the number of audience is below what is expected, the staff are surely going to sell their tickets at a cheaper price. After all, nobody wants an empty audience.

Look for standby tickets

Standby tickets are those returns and unsold tickets. If you go directly to the box office, you might find some of them that are still available. You can even bargain a good standby ticket just by visiting the box office a day earlier. What’s the best about this is that you can have about 70% discount.

Take a kid with you

Have you ever heard of Kids Week? It is an event that encourages kids to get involved and to appreciate theater. If you happen to take your child with you, he gets to watch the show for free only if he is 16 years old or younger. You can have two children to watch the show at half the price as long as you get to pay the full fee.

Direct booking

Getting tickets on direct booking outlets can save you the additional costs charged by third party ticket sellers, online booking websites, and credit cards. Also, you can avoid any processing and delivery fee such as that of an online theater ticket.

Find those with restricted view seats

Theater plays with restricted view seats have cheaper tickets sold. Nobody wants to watch his favorite play without seeing its actors and properties clearly. However, if you really want to affordably see a play despite its limited scope of view, then you can go for its cheaper tickets.

Discounts and special offers

Online booking websites are known to offer discounts but only on selected theater plays and locations. Moreover, there are special schemes given by well-established theaters such as selling entry passes at a cheaper price.

Watching live performances never fails to amuse audiences. Unlike videos and other forms of electronic recording, there is great authenticity and optimal emotional sympathy in live acts such that of a theater. Hence, despite our modern and well-animated movies, theater has never lost its popularity. With this, an affordable price for a good theatrical show is definitely a great bargain.