Save money on your weekly shop by staying home

Don’t worry, you won’t be staying home with no food, instead take advantage of online shopping and do your weekly grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home. You’ll save time and money we promise, plus you’ll be less likely to pick up tempting treats which pack on the lbs. Recent research shows that only 20% of people in the UK do their weekly shopping online, whilst 78% prefer not to.

According to an article in Talk Business, research by My Voucher Codes showed that people in the UK are not that keen on doing their weekly grocery shopping online rather than instore. However they are missing a trick, you get the same offers online as you do in stores (apart from the foods near their sell/use by dates), you can stick to just what you need, rather than seeing something that you don’t need and buying because it looks nice. And it’s much easier to stick to a budget as you can see your total as you add items to your basket online.

Not only will you save money, but you can also save time, as you go round your kitchen checking to see what you need, you can add it straight to your basket online, as you prep meal plans you can add in the ingredients you need, ensuring you don’t over buy. You don’t have to drive to the supermarket, spend time going up and down the aisles, waiting to pay and then driving home and unpacking. Instead once you’ve added the groceries you need to the basket you simply click and pay and wait for your delivery slot. Then all you have to do is unpack it and put it away, quick and simple.

You can also apply the same money saving tricks to your online shopping that you do, in fact it can be easier. If you have accounts with a couple of different supermarkets and even the likes of Amazon who also sell groceries (although not fresh foods) you can shop around to see who has the best deals. Amazon tends to be good for bulk repeat items, make sure you check for voucher codes, try My Voucher Codes, they also can offer free delivery codes as well to save even more.

When shopping online as well, make sure you’re signed up to cashback rewards, and have supermarket loyalty cards which can help you make money and save money on future shops. Also signing up to supermarket loyalty cards means you’re the first to know about their latest and best deals. Some people can end up making enough money on cashback and discount vouchers to pay for a whole shop if they are savvy.