The Vicious Cycle

At what stage of your life did you think you were smarter than your father? If you read some of the jokes in the paper, being cleverer than your dad, or your mum, usually hits you at about the age of seven. Of course by the time you’re a teenager you’re just about the smartest person walking on the earth! It’s doubtful that there is anything more intelligent anywhere than an 18-year-old.

dadThe next question is, at what stage of your life did you realise that thinking you are smarter than your parents was wrong? Some people are lucky enough to be hit with that realisation in their mid-to-late 20’s. Others are a little slower off the mark and the revelation doesn’t dawn on them until about their 40’s. Regardless of what your age you are when you do find out that amazing fact, the point is it does happen!

Your dad went to work every day or ran his own business and maybe even your mum was working. They took a holiday at least once a year whether it was an overseas trip or camping at a resort somewhere local. They owned their own home, had a car for the family and one for your dad, they put you through college, siblings too if you had any, and seemed rather well off. Not rich, but modestly comfortable. Here you are at the same age, maybe, a mortgage that you can’t see over, car repayments, a job that doesn’t pay enough and it’s a struggle to send the kids to school let alone think about university!

What I’m leading to here is the subject of investments. If you look back over 20 to 30 years of saving your money or squirrelling it away into what you think are ironclad investments, then how come that in your mid-50’s you still seem to be struggling? It would have been nice to have all the assistance that is available to people now to find ways in which to invest their money. If we had had companies like IFCM CFD brokers available to provide you with advice and to give you the right instruments that could analyse your assets and multiply your investments, then you would probably be sitting on a white sand beach cooling your toes in the turquoise waters.

The share market has always been littered with the broken bodies of promises and bad investments, and it doesn’t take much for you to join that small detritus of carnage. If today, you could have the trading software that can quickly analyse markets and put you in the right spot at the right time with the fistful of dollars to plunge on its suggestion, then the smell of the beach water would probably be a little closer.