Tips for B2B Holiday Email Marketing

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and this time around we’re flipping the script a bit with a post that is aimed more at those of our readers who are on the “other side” of the sales fence.

Is your B2B company ready to tackle the festive season?

With Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday now behind us, as we get closer and closer to Christmas, and New Year’s, it’s important to consider how your company can take advantage of this season. Perhaps that’s why you’re looking for tips for B2B holiday email marketing. You should definitely be looking to drum up new business with a holiday email marketing campaign.

Here are a couple of ideas for a successful B2B holiday email marketing campaign, featured from email marketing automation specialist, Delivra:

Start your B2B holiday email marketing efforts early

If you’ve ever put off your holiday shopping until the last second, you know the dire consequences: long lines, empty shelves, and checking your front step every two minutes to see if any gifts you ordered have finally arrived.

Waiting to begin your B2B email marketing campaign is just as bad.

Even around the holidays, B2B buyer journeys tend to take a while. In fact, given how busy everyone is, they might even take longer.

That’s why it is imperative that you get started on yours right away. It’s not too late to begin your campaign, but you definitely don’t want to put it off much longer either.

Try for the “impulse” buy

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t B2B buyers that will jump at the prospect of a deal. And what better time to offer a great deal than during the holiday season?

If you haven’t already segmented your email marketing list based on where each recipient is in your lead funnel, now would be the time. Specifically, you want to target the leads unlikely to become customers in the near future unless a promising deal is offered.

So, it’s not the leads who have been opening all your emails and interacting with your content. Those are most likely nearing the end of your funnel.

You can try targeting those who just entered the top of your funnel, but that’s tricky. Some will flat-out ignore your offer because they’re not familiar enough with your company.

Others will jump at the opportunity. But they were going to become customers anyway, so you’ll lose profits by giving them a deal.

But, again, you have time.

Start emailing the top of your funnel and segmenting them right away. Then, between the top and middle funnel, offer deals to all those who have shown some interest but not enough that you’re confident they won’t go to a competitor instead.

One of the main reasons most B2B companies don’t try to entice impulse buys is because they don’t think the outcome will be worth it. If anything, it might actually hurt revenues.

However, if you only offer a holiday bargain like this one to a select group, it could do just the opposite. It will lock in short-term profits you otherwise wouldn’t have had and might even turn these new customers into long-term business.

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