The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Google Featured Snippets

Have you noticed when you type a search in Google there are times when you see a featured snippet? As a webmaster, you may be wondering if there is some magical solution you can use to find your own website in that featured box.


Summary of Google Featured Snippets

Google may provide a small bit of information on how websites are placed in the featured snippet; however, they are not going to give any webmaster the answer on how to get their website placed in that special box. The only advice given by Google is that you cannot put any of your pages into the featured snippet. The process is done automatically by Google when it detects the answers that a person places in the search box on any page.

Can Anyone Achieve A Featured Snippet?

The answer to this question is yes. It will take some work but once you understand how Google chooses web pages to feature, you can create content that may be featured.

Using keyword suggestion tools online can give you an insight but you must remember that Google is looking for answers that users ask in the search box. You may not believe it, but many users actually type in exact questions to Google. Some may even use voice to ask Google a question. When a person asks a question whether in type or voice, Google then searches the millions of websites to find a page that answers the question.

Let’s say you want to know how to cook macaroni so you ask the question to Google. If Google finds a website that answers that specific question, then the page will be featured in that special box on Google. If Google cannot find any page that answers the question, then no featured snippet will appear.

How To Be A Featured Snippet

The best way to become a featured snippet is to learn what questions your audience are asking about in your niche. You can use a keyword suggestion tool to get a better idea of the questions one might ask. Now, using these ideas, you should answer the question as detailed and specific as possible. This still will not guarantee that you will get your web page in that box. But, it will give you better chances.

There are many things that come into play when you want to get in that box. In most cases, the page that does appear in the featured box, will often be found in the search results on the first page of Google as well. What this tells us is that you must also learn search engine optimization so you can rank better in the search engines. The more authority you have on a topic, the higher ranking you will have in Google and the better chances you will have to become a featured snippet.


When building a website, and trying to rank in search engines may be very confusing and often frustrating, but it can be done. You just need to study more and learn from the “guru’s”. Most webmasters do not have the time to trudge through all the data online to learn how to rank in search engines, however, when you find a pro, you can learn quite a bit from reading their research and articles to help you improve your chances of being in that special featured box.