Utilizing Social Media in Business

Social media today is much more than just a way to communicate with friends and family. It has become a way for employers to screen potential employees. Businesses use it to reach potential clients. People use it to gain knowledge and information. Even celebrities use social media to build their brand and increase their fan base. While I use social media myself for information, following gossip and keeping in touch with loved ones, I never explored from a business aspect how one might utilize social media. I decided to investigate. image

Where Do I Hire A Social Media Manager?

After a quick Google search for “social media business management”, I found a few articles rating different websites and a few websites that offered such a service. The best social media management company in my opinion is Social Vantage. As soon as I opened the page, a pop-up message appeared from an employee named Grant that said, “Hey! Do you have any questions for me? I am more than happy to help!” I began reading the front page and was quite impressed. They offer management tools to help with:

Google +
And more!

What Makes Social Vantage So Much Better?

Social Vantage offers phone, email, and chat support for their clients. It’s very easy to get started as well. Simply click on ‘request a quote’ and fill out a short form. On the first day, they will contact you to find out exactly what it is you’re hoping to gain from Social Vantage. They then do intricate research on your business (or in my case, my blog). Then, a team of expert social media managers begins implementing their strategies. They post relatable content on your business’s social media accounts in a way that reflects your business ideals, whether it is promotional, educational, or engaging.

Where Is The Proof?

Social media management sounds good, but how would you know if it’s working? Social Vantage sends weekly updates to your email address. They even monitor reviews, so if a negative review is submitted you will be aware of the situation immediately and can handle as appropriate. Plus, you get weekly phone calls from your manager to check in on how everything is going. If there is something you particularly liked or did not like, you have this opportunity to discuss how the partnership is working.

While not everyone may be thinking of using a social media management company to address their accounts, it can be a necessary tool for large and small businesses. A person who owns a business and has social media accounts in that business’s name, I urge them to check out Social Vantage. The quote is free, and it may mean the difference between a stable business and a growing one.