The holidays are approaching quickly which means it is a time where many people are booking flights and making travel plans to be with family or to take a well-deserved vacation.  The expense of hotel rooms and plane tickets can really add up so you want to save when it comes to souvenirs.  Here are a few ways to save while your family is out souvenir shopping.



It is a no-brainer that you will be passing many gift shops with your family while on vacation.  If you are vacationing with kids or a spouse who loves to shop and don’t want to break the bank, you may want to establish some spending boundaries, as Sara Keenan writes.  Keenan advises establishing a souvenir policy ahead of family vacation.  Give your kids a certain amount of money to spend on souvenirs at the beginning of vacation and that way when the allotted souvenir money is gone your kids know that means no more souvenirs.  Keenan also suggests  giving your kids a limit on the number of souvenirs they can buy.  Not only will this save you money but also teach your kids about financial responsibility too.


Often it is in the most simple of places to find some great souvenirs for your family by patronizing the local grocery stores and corner markets of your travel destination.  Bonnie Tsui, contributor for nytimes.com, points out that you want to look where the locals buy everyday items.  This saving strategy is a great way to get local items like specialized coffee or chocolate that wouldn’t be available normally in your area.  Visiting a local supermarket can provide you with souvenirs on the cheap that make great gifts for family and friends back home.  


If you are spending your vacation on the beaches of beautiful San Diego or soaking up the sun in Mexico, this next souvenir savings tip may be for you.  Natural elements from your vacation spot such as sand, shells and rocks make for great and inexpensive souvenirs.  Before taking these souvenirs home just be sure to review any travel restrictions for transporting natural materials over state or national borders.


If you are or traveling with a certified bargain hunter try out local secondhand stores, thrift stores or estate sales on your vacation.  You may be surprised to find a lot of clothes and memorabilia from regional teams, tourist attractions and theme parks for a fraction of the price.

The expense of a family vacation can be stressful.  The last thing you want to do is add to that expense by spending a fortune on souvenirs that will drain your bank account.  With a few of these tips to save on souvenirs, you will stress less while on vacation and have some great mementos to bring home too.