Why Do Shoppers Love Laminated Paper Bags?

There are plenty of bagging options for you to choose from, so you might not even have considered laminated paper bags. Thing is, shoppers love them – here are just a few ways they’re going to make you more popular.

Extremely Strong and Durable

One of the biggest problems with most shopping bags is that they don’t tend to last very long. That might not be a problem if people only need to carry a few light bits and pieces, but it presents an issue when heavier items need to be accommodated. In general, traditional shopping bags are at risk of coming apart. Laminating paper makes it far stronger, so your customers will be able to carry around their shopping for the whole day without worrying. This is also good for you since durable bags will be used again and again, meaning people will be exposed to your business well into the future.


A lot of the time, bags that are stronger need to be made using plastic, and plastic isn’t at all good for the environment. Instead, you should use laminated paper bags. They might not be quite as good for the planet as plain paper bags, but only a very small amount of lamination is needed, so they aren’t nearly as bad as traditional plastic bags. Their durability also plays a part in making them eco-friendly –people can keep them longer instead of just throwing them out after a single use.

Luxury Feel and Look

Practicality and eco-friendliness aside, the biggest reason why people like laminated paper bags is how luxurious they look. The lamination provides a premium sheen across the bag that reflects well on your business and makes people feel better about what they just picked up. If you want to sell premium products, it doesn’t really make sense not to provide premium bags. In fact, people will often keep anything they’re buying as a gift in the bag instead of taking it out and wrapping it.