World of Apps

Let’s take a trip down App lane and see what sort of a day we can have. It’s a bit of fun to celebrate the arrival of spring and maybe a bit of laughter will help the sun come out and join us! Actually the weather is a little chilly in the mornings, but the sunshine has been welcome albeit that it sometimes hides behind clouds. Easter will be here next week and there are some serious bargains and deals to be had over the long weekend. “In your Easter bonnet…” as the song goes.

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Looking at my first screen on the iPad you can see straight away Apps that are games for which you have to pay. Games like You Must Build a Boat and Please Don’t Touch Anything that you can pick up for around £1 and £2.25 somehow got through the ideas stage of an iOS Developer and are now available to you. I don’t know whether something like this will appeal to you but do the maths – a potential billion customers and you need less than 1% to buy it. Let’s say 0.01% buy your game. That’s a cool £100,000  £200,000 coming your way less your development costs, of course. I’m not sure a company like would charge you very much, but the only way to find out is to take an app idea to them and let them go at it.

The categories of apps is long with Games, Kids, Health and Fitness, Food and Drink, Education, Lifestyle and Travel to name just a few, so you are limited only by your imagination if you want to get into this game. Some of the apps are really complicated and cost about $30 to download and the mind boggles to think that 50,000 – 100,000 people might download it. Maybe those ones aren’t a cheap app development considering the download price but remember, your app only needs to fill a niche.

There are some seriously silly and stupid apps out there and, as you can imagine, the download is free! There’s one called Face Swap and you just change the faces of people in a photo. A lot cheaper than Adobe Photoshop and almost the same result…almost. Just to show you that a terrible game can also bring you riches, there was an app called Qwop that had the worst controls ever. It was because of this that the app went viral which means a few HUNDRED thousand people downloaded it, and at £0.99 it made the designer an instant millionaire as it continues to be downloaded even today! There’s just no accounting for what will be popular, is there?