5 Fun Ways To Spend Some of Your Hard-Earned Money

You can find a million articles about smart ways to spend your money. But every once in awhile, it’s refreshing to think about fun ways to use your cash! People that fixate on the seriousness of life beyond a certain point end up being dour and depressing. Even if you don’t follow through on big, lavish plans, it can still be fun to make them.


Five examples of this kind of positive financial thinking would be to plan to take a vacation,  go to an expensive restaurant, take your friends to a concert, replenish your entire wardrobe, or even just do a crazy remodel on a single room in your house.

Take a Vacation!

Top priority on the fun list? Take a vacation. Plan it for somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go, for an excessive amount of time. Expect to treat yourself to exactly what you want in terms of weather, comfort, relaxation, stuff to do, transportation – the whole nine yards. You might even find out that you have enough money to do this! You never know until you work through the planning stages.

Go To an Expensive Restaurant

One of the great pleasures of life is food. And sometimes the best food, in the most interesting places, costs a ridiculous amount of money. But, if you want a fun way to spend your cash, finding an expensive restaurant that fits your idea of a unique experience may be just the ticket. Depending on your desires, you might even want to combine it with some type of dinner theater or entertainment idea. Many times expensive restaurants have some sort of show that comes with the food.

Take Your Friends To a Concert

Have you looked at the prices for concert tickets lately? They’re ridiculous. But, depending on the artist and the style of show they put on, concerts and festivals can also be some of the most fun things to go to. So buy a bunch of tickets to Coachella and take along all of your friends, or try something along that same vein. You’ll be the center focus of an event that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Replenish Your Wardrobe

Chances are pretty likely that when you look at your current wardrobe, there’s something left to be desired. So, if you have the cash to burn, start from scratch and replenish your digs. From the inside layers to the outside, buy a change of style into the ideal presentation of yourself.

Remodel a Room

And if you generally like your current home, but want to spend some money or remodeling one particular room, that can be an enjoyable way to spend some cash as well. Creating an epic bedroom or bathroom would be up there on the list of unique projects for the big spender.